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  • Dramatic EntrĂ©e & Dope As Usual

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About Us

We are a small kennel located in Dolni Redice in the Czech Republic. Our aim is to breed to the type which means to produce Border Collies with a good health, appearance and instinct to herd.

If we are not at shows or herding lessons, our dogs accompany us everywhere. They are our daily joy and we spend together as much of a free time as possible. Despite of having at our home both bitches and dogs of different age, our dogs live in a pack based on harmony & respect. This helps us in raising self-confident puppies who yet understand their positions in the hierarchy. Puppies bred by us are given as much love and opportunities to explore the world as possible.

A lot of our friendships were formed through our dogs and it is safe to say we found truly great people over the years in our lives who also became a few of our closest friends. If you think you have what it takes to be an owner of this magnificent breed, contact us by the form below, we can not wait to meet you!

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