Our Litter C Was Born On 10th March 2021!


first picture with me

On 10th March 2023 we welcomed 6 puppies from the combination of Kynagon Malinda Mey and Casanova Giacomo Thiwahe. Both parents are in the ownership of our kennel and this is the first time ever we could have made such a litter become a reality, therefore we feel very blessed to know personally a lot of dogs in their pedigree. We placed a lot of effort and hope into this litter, and so far we are really happy how each puppy is slowly turning into a unique personality.

Rheia, the mother of puppies, is for me a very typical Border Collie with the temperament of a true Greece Goddess. She is very active, agile, clever, and loyal. But there was a lot of hard work in the beginning of our relationship and I think that made me not take her for granted and actually love her even more. RĂ©mi, the father of the puppies, has always been an easy-going dog since he was born into our hands. There is only one word to describe him - a sweetheart. I do not think he has ever really done anything wrong, he always put his heart into everything he does. His work at sheep gives me goosebumps as he is so focused, gentle (yet pushy), controllable and obedient.

We truly hope that our expectations will meet reality in the future, and our puppies will become the best buddies for their new families & that they will fulfill their destinies with successes from shows, sport and other activities. Puppies will preferably go to owners who understand the true nature of Border Collies and who are prepared to build a connection with their dog despite of traps and pitfalls that might occur in their journey together.